PhotoCard Lite

Photocard lite is an app that allows students to import an image from a drawing program (by taking a screen shot), camera or the Internet to create the "front" of the post card. The "back" is divided into two columns. One for text, the other for a stamp and address.
Something to consider is that that writing space is limited to what you can see, so students need to think critically about what is most important to include and only one PhotoCard project can be stored at a time. Finished products must be uploaded to a site like Posterous or Dropbox (or take a screen shot storing it as an image) before starting a a new PhotoCard project or the student's work will be lost.

Here are some examples of how we used PhotoCard lite with our students.

After building their own Inuksuks, these grade 3/4 used PhotoCard lite to write about their experiences. Students could choose a photo of themselves holding their Inuksuk (parent permissions signed at the beginning of the pilot), a photo of just their Inuksuk, or an image from the Internet.

saturday_059.PNG saturday_058.PNG saturday_057.PNG

saturday_056.PNG saturday_055.PNG saturday_053.PNG

During a study of modern China, grade 6 students used PhotoCard lite to compare the similarities and differences between Canada and China's educational systems.


Additional Resources ...

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2. A YouTube tutorial by PhotoCard App developer Bill Atkinson

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