Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy allows students to create drawings and paintings by moving their finger across the screen of any iDevice with this app. There is an array of drawing tools, each with varying thicknesses and coverages, as well as a full colour palette to choose from. There is a stamp feature with size of options of small or large, many which have a a sound feature built in. Installed within the app are a number of backgrounds to choose from (ranging from seasonal landscapes to hangman to tic tac toe). Images from the Internet are easily added as backgrounds which students can then use the drawing tools to add to.

Here are some examples of how we used Doodle Buddy with our students.
Grade 1's practicing word families:
saturday_062.PNG saturday_063.PNG

Grade 4/5's creating Ted Harrison inspired art:

Grade 5/6's creating mulitiplication/division families:

Grade 1's creating addition and subtraction stories:

Grade 2's creating growing patterns:

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