Here are a few snippets of our student's reactions and feelings about incorporating technology.

(Please note you must turn off "repeat" in the bottom bar of Windows Media Player or the video play again ... and again)

A grade 4 boy sharing how technology helps him share what he knows orally.
Student 1.wmv

A grade 6 boy sharing how students can help teachers learn about technology.
Student 2.wmv

A grade 1 boy sharing how ipods let him show his learning in many different ways.
Student 3.wmv

A grade 3 girl sharing how ipod apps make it easy to fix mistakes.
Student 4.wmv

A grade 7 boy sharing how technology gives him options other than reading to learn.
Student 5.wmv

Grade 7 girls sharing how the app Story Kit on the ipads with grade one buddies helps everyone learn.
Student 6.wmv

A grade 7 boy sharing how choosing the tools and strategies for himself helps him learn best.
Student 7a.wmv

A grade 4 girl sharing how her blog lets her share her love of reading.
Student 8.wmv

A grade 2 girl sharing how their class wiki helps them share their learning with others.
Student 9.wmv