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  • Apps in Education: "One of the hardest thing with using the iPad in the classroom is finding the time to go through all of the apps in the iTunes Store listed under the education banner. We have started to list some of the apps we've found under each of the Key Learning Areas"

  • Sam Gliksman's Blog on iPads in Education: Exploring the use of iPads and eReaders in Schools and Colleges

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  • **achurches** "Edublogger, Teacher, Author, Dad, Outdoor education instructor, DP workshop leader and ICT enthusiast"

  • **iear** "We recommend IPhone / ITouch Educational Apps..."

  • **A4CWSN** "Web-site dedicated to showing video reviews of Apps for children and those with special needs. Watch videos of the App before you buy them"

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  • **iPodsibilities** "Gonna start a revolution... spreading the word about teaching & learning with iPods and iPads!"

Multi-Media Sites to Further Your Understanding:

Learn about TweetDeck, Atomic Web Browser & AirVideo

iPod pilot in a kindergarten classroom

Learn how iPods are helping students improve reading and and math skills as well as how the iPod Syncing cart works

Here what educators have to say about their iPad pilot


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